Risk management & consultancy from professionals.

We concentrate on ensuring a superior customer experience through innovation, modernization and automation. Our core values are:

Sincerity. Simplification. Security.

Expertise, proven worldwide.

With over 15 years of risk management experience, we are passionate to deliver to our customers the most comprehensive consultancy services.

Our goal is to increase the accuracy and speed of your credit decisions by optimizing risk behavior.

We ensure a superior experience for your customers through innovation, modernization and automation.

scorewise global reach:
Argentina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, United Kingdom


We are passionate in solving our partners’ challenges and delivering exceptional advice. Use of scorewise intelligent underwriting solutions leads to improving credit risk, debt collection, marketing, customer journey and lifetime value.


Professional assistance in helping your business grow without increasing risk. 

IT Services.

Underwriting solutions for automated decision making process and comprehensive risk assessment.


Here are some of the points our partners achieved with our help:


Reduced credit defaults


Increased approvals 


Underwriting accuracy 


Profit gain 

Why our customers are choosing scorewise:

Machine learning algorithms
Focus on innovations
Improve business flow

Our partners.

Below are some of our partners with whom we are already applying our best expertise.

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