Professional assistance in helping your business grow without increasing risk. 

Developing intelligent risk management schemes together.

In daily business activity our clients are facing complex risks, the negative consequences of which can be easily underestimated. Our goal is to help our partners to understand their weak points and propose solutions.

What we offer.

Comprehensive underwriting review.

We are working with our partners to understand the current business workflow and work out underwriting strategies maximizing customer acquisition with the least possible risk.

Establishing and advancing IFRS strategy.

We are helping our partners to adapt to the constantly changing IFRS requirements and making sure they are legally compliant in daily business activity.

Risk and financial reporting.

It is much more convenient to have all reporting in one place, rather than hundreds of spreadsheets which are filled manually at every reporting period. We are developing for our partners risk and financial reports that are satisfying their business needs in tools as Power BI and Tableau.

Developing of affiliate marketing strategies.

Data and analytics can be extremely useful for understanding marketing strategies and fishing out the best channels for customer acquisition. We have already helped several affiliate companies to use smartly and monetize the available data.

Help with new business launch.

With the launch of new product or business connected thousands of risks and it is very complicated to take into account all of them. We have already helped dozens of start-ups to set up initial business activity and go on the path of stable workflow.

Scorecard development, review & maintenance.

We are proud to have developed over 100+ scorecards for various markets world-wide, This made us a professionals that are knowing all hidden stones of developing automated underwriting models.

Our partners.

Scorewise is trusted around the globe. Below are some of our partners to whom we are already applying our best expertise and passion to ensure the delivery of best risk related solutions.

Contact us.

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